Space isn’t a status symbol. It’s so much more.

Insights | 23 April, 2019

If you’ve only got two minutes, here’s what you need to know about organisational dynamics in the workplace.

Forget your morning shot of espresso. To get your brain going, we’re serving up strong and ultra-concentrated insights from Think Work Out of the Box, our new book on workplace transformation.

Here's why organisational dynamics matter:

Bespoke workplace design not only provides an optimal set of spatial working conditions, it also supports both the organisational dynamics specific to your business as well as your team’s agile working processes. The latter in particular, plays a significant role in securing a competitive advantage in today’s speed-driven market.

Space is no longer a symbol of status, but a key driver of performance. The productivity-focused lean configuration of your work environment, based on a detailed understanding of working methods and behaviours, should reflect and facilitate how information flows in your company and how your different teams interact with each other.

Similarly, an intelligent workplace design makes explicit the type of organisation you are, for instance, whether the hierarchies are flat or vertical, whether the network is more or less regular or clustered around specific points of interaction, etc. Actually, companies are rarely structured following a single monolithic model that accepts one-size-fits-all solutions. Rather, the coexistence of different subcultures within an organisation needs acknowledgement and celebration through detailed and conscientious workplace planning.

To unleash the full potential of your organisation, it is important to begin with the creation of a responsive environment that adapts to your work dynamics, not the other way around.

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