• we imagine intuitive PRODUCTS
    whose design improves the lives of people
  • we imagine immersive SPACES
    where people thrive and collaborate
  • we imagine engaging STORIES
    that thrill their audience with emotion
  • we imagine holistic EXPERIENCES
    with change-making organizations
  • we imagine memorable VISUALS
    that transmit the brand identity with honesty
    Batband is a sleek piece of hearable technology that allows people to enjoy their own personal sound experience, while interacting with their surroundings.
  • EY Experience Centre
    The EY's capability centre has been created as space where feeling different to think different, with leading-edge technologies and collaborative methodologies.
  • Telefónica
    An aesthetic piece of art that expresses the forward-thinking brand personality Telefónica and immerses print readers in a full-colour and digital transmedia journey.
  • EPFL
    Rewriting the book on retail design at the EPFL’s Rolex Learning Center bookstore: how to reinvent the bookstore experience in the age of digital media.
    Reinventing the visual identity for a better alignment with positioning and brand values: innovation, multidisciplinary, emotionality vs rationality, and sobriety.