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1006 Lausanne

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Proud of our collaborative community
1 + 1 = 3; That is why we created Banana Campus in Lausanne and Madrid, an initiative to promote creative exchange and boost collaboration among professionals of the creative industry. This is much more than a stimulating coworking space; it is a thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs that make each other exponentially better. We know that having smart, talented and passionate neighbors encourages the flow of creative ideas and helps build a robust professional network. If you are a restless designer, inventor, startupper, developer or consultant looking for an inspiring work environment, look no further, Banana Campus is your place.

Banana Campus Lausanne

Swiss hospitality meets global innovation. Banana Campus Lausanne is located in a beautiful, light-filled, former industrial space close to the train station and the lake in the Sous-Gare district.

Its 600m2 host a vibrant and multinational creative community. Fully-equipped work environment with meeting / conference / event / workshop rooms, prototyping facilities and close to amenities and restaurants.

Avenue des Acacias 7
Lausanne 1006, Switzerland

If you are looking for a collaborative work environment in Lausanne, contact us: campus@studiobanana.com

Banana Campus Madrid

Spanish charm with a splash of Zen. Banana Campus Madrid is the result of transforming a spacious print shop into a state-of-the-art creative laboratory very near Plaza de Castilla, in the Tetuán district.

500m2 of facilities with meeting / event areas and a fully-equipped high-ceiling photographic / filming studio including video editing room. You will not believe it is located on Calle del Plátano (Banana Street).

Calle del Plátano 14
Madrid 28029, Spain

If you are looking for a creative friendly workspace in Madrid, contact us: campus@studiobanana.com

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