What it means to think and work outside the box

Insights | 4 January, 2019

The thing about the future is you never know what’s going to happen next. But you can design smart, future-ready solutions. Think Work Out of the Box is full of ideas.

Opening a new chapter

Our recent publication, Think Work Out of the Box, is a response to the massive transformation work culture has undergone in recent years. Factors like digitalisation, globalisation, and the diversification of the workforce have created significant shifts and new demand for tools and environments that can support our evolving work styles.

At Studio Banana, creating these solutions and strategies for diverse workplaces is our specialty. And as we continue to look forward into the future, we also wanted to share our learnings from past experiences.

Collecting conversations with industry leaders from companies like Microsoft and Cushman & Wakefield, and using case studies and examples from our own portfolio, we’ve broken design-driven transformation down into 13 core principles we feel have the power to make a substantially beneficial contribution to the production of future work environments.

Here you’ll find inspiration and insights to help spark new ideas and actions to make your organization future-ready.

Over the next year we’ll be sharing conversations and excerpts from the book in our web journal, and hosting launch events to keep the conversation going.

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