The Challenge

Spanish-based multinational telecommunications giant Telefónica wanted an image that would set them apart. Telefónica was after an image that would express their company’s innovative, expressive, and forward-thinking personality.

We envisioned an aesthetic piece of art that expressed their brand in an entirely unique transmedia experience. With this ad, we wanted to take readers out of the 2D world of print media and transport them to a digital fourth dimension full of synchronised movement.

The Outcome

The result of our meticulous creative process was an unforgettable experience that takes users on a sensory journey and reinforces the innovative, modern identity of the Telefónica brand. A euphoric frenzy of colour and time dazzles viewers with remarkable visuals.

We decided to use Telefónica’s corporate shades of blue and purple as a base. Since the campaign was to be featured in the Iceland issue of Matador, we opted for hues reminiscent of the frozen, volcanic landscape of Iceland.


Branded content meets user experience

Telefónica came to us looking for an innovative, artistic experience that broke the mould for conventional print ads. The sophisticated readership of the Matador print magazine was a good audience to test a transmedia experiment that would bring their attention to their phones via a smart trigger.

We imagined movement and explosions of colour that evoked images of Iceland’s volcanic landscape.

Transformation is the essence of art

We sought to create an audiovisual experience that reflects artistic and technological innovation, as well as transformation. In many ways, this idea of the fusion of art and technology represents Telefónica’s brand and vision.

Our technological experts set about filming paint reacting to sound in slow motion, and in doing so, depict the fusion of beauty with innovation and capture the essence of Telefónica’s image.

Ideation & Design

From reader to viewer: designing a transmedia journey

Matador’s readers have an elevated cultural taste, a demanding aesthetic criteria, and a knowledge of the latest trends. We rose to the challenge  with a transmedia narrative that changed the course of the reader’s journey.

When a reader encountered a Telefónica print ad, they would find a smart trigger that transported them to the transmedia experience we created. With this project, we forged a new path for the user that starts on the page of a sleek and minimalistic magazine and ends in an audiovisual piece on their smartphone.


Crafting an artistic experiment

Once we came up with the creative concept, we were faced with the challenge of making it a reality and capturing the experience on film. This required considerable experimentation with lighting, paint consistencies, liquid acrobatics, and timing.

After toying with paint thickness, we had to figure out how to make it move. We decided to use a camouflaged woofer that would launch the paint in the air using sound. We played with a range of music genres to discover how the paint reacted to different levels of bass. With this knowledge, and using tailor-made mechanisms like droppers to control the release of liquids, we were able to design a sound that triggered a perfectly harmonious symphony of explosions.

A rich palette of applications

An unexpected city-centre showcase

The final product successfully engaged users, and reflected the desired image Telefónica was looking for. They decided to project the piece onto the company’s institutional headquarters on Madrid’s Gran Vía.

The exhibit was shown on 14 outdoor screens at the HQ for a full month.  

Making off

Behind the scenes: splashes of colour


Innovating corporate marketing with an artistic cross-channel experience

While it might seem like there are few wheels left to reinvent in the world of advertising, this project proved there is always a more interesting angle from which to approach marketing challenges. In Telefónica, we saw an opportunity to explore the overlap between art and technology to produce a unique way of communicating the client’s message.

Through some creative experimentation and craftsmanship, we created a piece of branded content that took the user on a journey through different media, and in doing so, delivered on our promise.

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