The Challenge

We were confronted with the considerable creative and technical challenge of simulating the desert sky of Dubai at the Palace of Nations (home of the United Nation’s office in Geneva).
We needed a hyper-realistic audiovisual experience for the Room XVII, also known as the Emirates Room, that would recreate the passage of time.

The Outcome

We successfully constructed an immersive audiovisual piece that serves as a window to the United Arab Emirates. Running in nine-hour cycles, diplomats and UN delegates are able to experience the desert sky from sunrise to sundown as part of an experience that blends seamlessly with the space’s narrative design.


Taking an iconic design to new heights

The UAE sponsors Conference Room XVII at the UNOG and the space was renovated by architectural design firm Adeli & de Rham. Their design reflects the atmosphere of the Emirati desert in a fusion of cultural heritage and technological innovation.

With the room’s look and feel in mind, we animated the ceiling to create an ambience of natural light that brings a warm glow to a space with no exterior windows. The simulation of a sky-lit room would allow delegates to experience the passing of time, allowing them focus and concentration as they work to solve global challenges.

Ideation & Design

Blending cultural heritage with a bright future

The design of the celestial dome to be mounted on the ceiling was inspired by the UAE emblem and its kufic script. Aside from embodying traditional Arabic values and culture, the complex metallic structure had to support a gigantic LED screen.


Overcoming challenges: from a stormy forecast to clear blue skies

We created an audiovisual experience that transports diplomats and delegates to the Emirati desert.

As well as overcoming the technical challenge of displaying the animation on such a large screen, we also came up with creative solutions to accurately portraying the simplicity of the desert sky in a way that evokes the passage of time. This was achieved using 3D cloud simulations, calculating the optimal density and percentage of clouds, with careful calibrations for light projection and resolution.

The result was a true simulation of celestial movement.


* Photography: Rubén P. Bescos for STUDIO BANANA.

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