The challenge

The Swiss embassy in Spain wanted to develop its own visual identity to transmit its tradition, legacy and forward-thinking vision, as well as its mission of fostering intercultural connections and the exchange of opportunities between companies from both countries. The new identity would have to be made effective through various brand applications and the creation of a website promoting its “innovation journeys” events in cities such as Madrid and Malaga.

The outcome

Working as a strategic partner, we created a visual system transmitting the robustness and tradition of the institution but yet fresh enough to reflect its current contemporaneity. By balancing vibrant and neutral colours, clear and contrasting hierarchies, and integrating a dynamic icon, we delivered a modern brand and web design system that successfully honours the Swiss tradition and helps enhance exchange and learning between cultures.

Look & feel

Fostering innovation through design

To reflect and honour the Swiss innovative legacy, we incorporated GT FLEXA, a clear and traditional typeface with breadth and slender serifs conveying the rigour, diversity and the strength of its business culture.

A dynamic colour palette

While the strong presence of the purple colour accounts for the Swiss innovative character, a contrasting fluorescent yellow conveys the freshness and power of change of this institution; whilst darker colours help to neutralise and balance the palette.

The new logo

Through dynamic centripetal movement, the cross-shaped icon not only pays homage to the traditional Swiss symbol, but also evokes connection to the digital world and transformation.

A subtle web design

By introducing the use of black and white images with a faint change to colour evoking abstraction, the photographic system introduces the team while softly accompanying the visual system.

The subtle way in which images associated with cities appear and disappear provide freshness and dynamism without hindering visualisation.


Creating a visual system from scratch and without prior references poses an extra challenge to accurately translate the client’s needs and expectations. This collaborative project, as effective as harmonious throughout the entire process, is a proof of how the power of co-creation and the permanent need of learning and research between both parties, can help forge a successful relationship.