The challenge

The Heartfulness Institute Europe –an international network promoting heartful meditation, practices, and learnings– created a new initiative in 2020 to celebrate the UN’s International Peace Day, disseminating their vision and values through a global meditation online, being unable to meet in person

Having already collaborated with them to design their visual identity (ahead of the Alpine Ski World Cup 2020), Studio Banana was commissioned to design the touchpoint strategy and visual system for Peacefulness, a new movement conceived to take action towards world peace by helping people live more peaceful and balanced lives through global guided meditations. 

The outcome

A new transformative digital environment effectively communicating Peacefulness’ core vision through clear intentions and call-to-actions for peace. Thanks to an appealing and inclusive visual display –accessible and understandable to an international multicultural target– the web and its subsequent app succeeds at promoting key values of peace, learning, authenticity and optimism whilst digitally welcoming a global community.


One of the greatest challenges in a global initiative is the scale and impact in a multicultural target audience. A deep understanding of this ecosystem was key while developing the digital strategy. Through a series of internal interviews and benchmarking exercises, we analysed the individual and group insights and aspirations and physical and digital user experiences, as well as the best practices on meditation apps across the different communities and cultures to set the key drivers and hierarchy of needs to subsequently craft a visual system.

What does Peace mean to a whole community?

Besides the client’s initial need to create an ecosystem promoting its key annual event around International Peace Day, we defined a comprehensive visual and digital system connecting and engaging with their global community on a daily basis through a website and different initiatives across social channels.

Once we defined the strategy, we started creating a visual branding tone to be applied across the different communication pieces. A warm look and feel introduces joyful colours like orange and yellow to represent celebration, and subtle touches of blue tones to evoke peaceful sensations. As a result, these combinations not only suggest a more human approach but also activate the shared values associated with peace globally.

An inclusive imagery

While softly blurred images represent global elements of nature and peaceful environs, black and white snapshots of diverse hands detail the universal human body, regardless of ethnicity and nationalities, and evoke the instinctive act of human connection and the generosity of giving and receiving.

The typography and the icons

A kind, light serif font in sync with the strength of its logo offers a warm and usable visual system adaptable to all kinds of platforms. The logo also evokes the peaceful concept of inhalation and exhalation during meditation.

“We presented the Peacefulness website, tools and resources to the team members of the Heartfulness movement around the world. Whether in Japan, Singapore, Australia, India, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, the United States or Latin America, they all praised the creatives and graphic identity developed by Studio Banana. It’s both calm and dynamic, warm and cheerful, yet simple and elegant”.


The Peacefulness team


Whether in the day-to-day enriching resources available to individuals, schools, and communities, or specific invitations to events and activities, the platform succeeds in connecting people to share and promote peaceful intentions.

After the initial success of this website, the project is currently evolving to new interfaces aimed at transmitting this immersive experience: a new app launching soon but also a comprehensive strategy of activities and events aim to connect and engage with more communities, schools, and educational institutions, to enlighten about the power of peaceful intentions.