Service Design workshop for Millennials at Google

News | 25 January, 2017

We planned and led a service design workshop at Google Brussels that would help Public Service Media redesign their offer for talented new generations.

Rethinking Public Service Media offerings for young audiences

New media giants like YouTube and Google have shaken up media industry in unprecedented ways. Next generations are no longer diffuse entities lingering on the horizon. They are already here. And let’s face it, their content consumption habits do not always fit with Public Service Media offerings. How can the most prestigious European actors (BBC, Rai, VRT, MTV…) adapt their broadcasting services to Millennials expectations?


Challenging service design workshop at Google Brussels

The EBU (European Broadcasting Union) asked Studio Banana to plan and facilitate a service design workshop for helping Public Service Media redesign their service offerings in meaningful ways. To get that aim, we brought together European Public Service Media companies, talented millennials working in the media industry and new media players as Youtube.

Could there be a better host than Google? Certainly not. Digital natives and senior managers in PSB joined the conversation about the latest trends in evolving media landscape at the giant’s offices in Brussels. The scene was set.

SkillsXChange: the new generation of Europe broadcasting

The European Broadcasting Union SkillsXChange programme is an Erasmus-style initiative for young professionals working with Public Service Broadcasters in Europe and beyond. The goal is to offer the candidates an opportunity to broaden their experience and to spread fresh ideas and innovative practices by taking part in an international exchange.

“The SkillsXchange programme helps young PSM professionals grow and acquire experience from a different perspective, as well as provide the host broadcaster with fresh and inspiring new ideas from creative professionals from other countries”, in words of EBU Media Director, Jean Philip De Tender

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