Emerging design talent in Banana Campus Lausanne

News | 19 January, 2017

Our partnership with Ligature Connections supports fresh design talent and brings insightful talks and workshops to Banana Campus Lausanne this season.

Ligature Connections partners up with Studio Banana

We are thrilled to announce our association with Ligature, a Switzerland-based online publication for design, culture and visual creation. Founded by Dennis Moya in 2011, it is now directed by designers duo BÄHLER MOYA (Dennis Moya & Tiffany Bähler). The platform promotes Ligature Connections, a series of talks and events on design and creation.

At Studio Banana, we are strong believers in collaboration and entrepreneurship. That is why we have been supporting emerging companies in the creative industry since our very beginnings. We have done so through our Banana Campus initiative, a stimulating work environment boosting inspiration, exchange, conversation, learning and cooperation.

Our Banana Campus in Madrid and Lausanne are home to a community of startups, freelancers and boutique agencies. Here we host frequent events and workshops, and offer working, meeting and prototyping facilities.

A promising season boosting exchange and collaboration

As a result of this association, the first season of Ligature Connections lecture series will take place at the Banana Campus Lausanne. The programme includes insightful talks and workshops by emerging design talents based in Switzerland like:

  • Big Game, product and interior design studio created in 2004 by Augustin Scott de Martinville (French), Elric Petit (Belgian) and Grégoire Jeanmonod (Swiss).
  • Swiss Typefaces, Swiss type design company known for its innovative views, creative approach and the high quality of its typefaces.
  • Production Type, French digital type foundry. They design and sell typefaces for print, screen and environmental design.
  • Thibault Brevet, graphic designer and visual artist who is developing a practice at the intersection of design, engineering and art.
  • Fragment.in, Swiss based interaction design studio. They embody various content into physical installations, exploring the boundaries between virtual and tangible world.
  • Balmer Hählen, graphic design studio founded in 2011 by Priscilla Balmer and Yvo Hählen and based at the heart of Lausanne since 2013.
  • Thévoz-Choquet, Virgile Thévoz and Joséphine Choquet bridge together aspects of contemporary thinking with a rational approach to product industrialization and communication.


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