Bits and Pieces of Design Inspiration #2 | Set design & Window display

Inspiration | 31 May, 2018

We have spatial issues. We have been thinking a lot about storefronts and window displays recently. And it’s kind of amazing. How come are they so static and lifeless when everything –and everyone– around them is so moving, so full of energy? Retail design needs to put on its best face to allure the consumer and continue being relevant in an oversaturated communication context. It needs to keep pace with the overall global scenario and every single member of the cast at play.

Crafting a space that embodies the brand values, tells stories and inspires emotions in the user, who in fact becomes an active spectator. Like in theatre, where we don’t only see and hear but sometimes also smell and taste and touch. A living space to feel and experience in flesh and bone. Where we are seduced and real connections are built. Where we desire and we remember. Like the magnetic pieces created by some of our favored set designers and artists out there… Let the show begin!

What if you could choose any material, any object in the world to build a mesmerizing stage? It would be nothing but light. It would be a forest. It would be created by Japanese master architect Sou Fujimoto.

Everything about Tokujin Yoshioka is like love at first sight. Starting from the extreme elegancy of its paramount Maison Hermès window installation. And going on forever.

Artist and designer Es Devlin couldn’t be too far away from our personal (wish)list when she is indeed at its very core. From Hamlet to Beyoncé, she is the creative mastermind behind endless set designs for opera, theatre, dance and music spectacles that always win our hearts.

Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers must have come from another planet. The creative duo, obsessed with the experimental use of materials to create otherworldly objects and installations, sign New Spring interactive piece and multisensory experience. A total yes for Studio Swine and COS’ ongoing collaboration with wondrous artists.

Pursuing the unexpected through innovation in space, London-based architect Asif Khan’s portfolio is the place to be. His super-black pavilion for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games invites the spectator to live an extra-terrestrial experience coming directly from the future.

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