Studio Banana Design Competition is live!

News | 22 February, 2018

studio banana design competition 2018

The very first design competition promoted by Studio Banana is open to individual designers and teams who are willing to explore and present disruptive ideas to grow the OSTRICHPILLOW family.

A game-changer concept design that challenges how we experience comfort in our daily lives

Brilliant ideas make the world go round. Disruptive ideas make it halt with wonder. At Studio Banana Design Competition we are looking for both. Add a little bit of passion and a can-do-attitude and you’ve got the perfect ingredients to see your design win the £2,000 final prize –or be among the coveted short-listed participants, each granted with £200. The awarded projects may become a reality as new members of the OSTRICHPILLOW growing family!


We are looking for great concepts –half practical, half playful– for products or garments that have the potential to challenge how we experience comfort in our modern lives. The competition is open to any professional designers or non-designers, students and teams with a distinct vision of how design can improve our wellbeing and bring happiness to the frenzied pace of our everyday life. Be aware of the needs of your end user, the materials of your prototype and the lifestyle idea behind your design. Dream something disruptive and amaze the world with awe!


Deadline: Monday 26th March

studio banana design competition 2018 2

Brief and Judging Criteria

Dream something disruptive! Contestants are asked to submit a concept design of a product or garment that challenges how we experience comfort in our lives.


Use case

We are looking for outstanding concepts that are practical and playful. Along with the design, entrants must also specify the use case and/or lifestyle in mind. For example, this could be commuters, individuals at work, leisure, and so on.


Concept Design

Elaborate and articulate your concept:

  • Who is your user?
  • Why do they need it?
  • When do they need it?
  • How do they use it?
  • How often do would they use it?
  • What makes it better than other potential products out there?



Please also take into consideration the materials for your concept, and why you have chosen them from design and end-user perspectives. We may also request a physical prototype of the design.


Winners and Prizes

There will be a cash prize of £2,000 for the winning design, and £200 for each of the 5 entrants that make it as far as the shortlist.

The final winner of the Ostrich Pillow Competition 2018, along with the 5 shortlisted winners will be announced on April 19th 2018.


Entry Requirement

Contestants will need to submit their entry via this form to include the information below:

› Description of the lifestyle idea behind your design, including the background and target audience (maximum 300 words)

› Description of your design, including the concept, material and any relevant features (maximum 300 words)

› Upload one A1 panel in PDF, png, or jpeg format, comprised of:

  • Sketches
  • Photographs of prototype and / or 3D images
  • General / detail images


Important: When considering your concept design, keep in mind that a core component of successful submissions will be viewed as ones which have covered details that can potentially facilitate and galvanise a high volume of production.



Check the full Studio Banana 2018 Design Competition terms & conditions and submit that big idea that will change the dreaming game for real. Questions about the competition can be sent to

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