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Events | 2 February, 2018

Our friends at Fjord Madrid invited us to star in their last Design Clinic session, a weekly event meant to support knowledge, foster curiosity and build meaningful relationships within the design community.

Passions move people

No more and no less

For every person, there is, at the very least, one extraordinary passion. And this last Friday at Fjord was all about extraordinary passions and extraordinary people – not to forget the delicious Carbonara pizzas, of course. Everything seemed to be in its place. The atmosphere, somehow packed with a colossal amount of design-fueled energy. The inspirational boards, the coloured post-its, a bunch of amazing people and a lot of meaningful conversations to be followed. No more and no less.


Enabling spaces where collaboration happens

At the studio we are nothing but amazed by the electric spaces that linger in between people, those marvelous gaps filled with conflict, friction, exhilaration and delight. And, above all, a vast creative potential. Spaces between creative individuals eager to collaborate in order not to only think but also make things together. Like impossible joint ventures, shared utopias or seemingly trivial pillow talks that without even realizing become the next-big-thing in the morning. So when Erik Ziegler and Alessandro Ghetti invited Studio Banana’s partners Ali Ganjavian and Alex Barona to join their Design Clinic session at Fjord Madrid it was a crystal clear match.


Multidisciplinarity is the seed for unexpected greatness

In design thinking, having as much and diverse outlooks as possible is usually the desired scenario. The immense power of multidisciplinarity usually becomes the quiet beginning of something much bigger. Inner musicians, dancers, writers, marketers or mathematicians turned designers on the outside, facing problems and crafting solutions in imaginative, relevant and purposeful ways. Because for every person there is an amazing passion. And the bridges between those are the ones that treasure the mightiest possibilities. We certainly had the chance to give this a try when pairing up with the folks at Fjord.

Observe, observe, listen… And observe some more

Sometimes you only need a little pinch of observation to see way beyond what you might believe are your very own limits. How many times have you felt that slippery answer dribbling at your face? That philosopher’s stone, that promised land, should be right around the corner, right? Just if you think a little bit harder… At our talk, we meant to keep it simple and proposed to look at this eternal quest under a different light. That is, the light of the question itself.

What would happen if instead of searching for the not-meant-to-be-replied answers we started undertaking the problem-solving journey towards a different question? Maybe it’s just a matter of turning the bone of contention upside down to decipher the undecipherable. That’s why here at the studio we love to collect what other may end up thinking are wrong answers. Only to transform them into the right ones in search of different questions.

Now it is time to turn the tables and welcome the Fjord team here at the studio. There is a whole world of answers –and a whole universe of questions– still to come!

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