Crowdfunding Talk at Victoria & Albert Museum

Events | 13 March, 2017

At Studio Banana we believe in sharing knowledge with like-minded creative and entrepreneur professionals. In V&A “Finding Funding” talk we discussed how to use crowdfunding platforms for design ideas.

Encouraging makers to find funding

Being a beginner young creator can be a complex calling nowadays. Excitement and possibility meet scarcity and excess. On one hand, we have new opportunities to reach a wider audience and become viral thanks to the Internet. On the other, we face the risks of public sponsorship cutbacks and increasing global competitiveness. In this scenario, crowdfunding can be a way out for artists and designers eager to bring ideas to life


Kickstarter as a crowdfunding platform for design ideas

This was the starting point of the “Finding Funding” talk at Victoria and Albert Museum celebrated this last March in London. Studio Banana co-founder Ali Ganjavian spoke before a curious audience, where he gave an overview of the work produced by the studio’s multidisciplinary team and talked about our own experience using Kickstarter as source funding for OSTRICHPILLOW Original and BATBAND. Both products are creative statements of how makers can present an art or design project, get feedback and be backed by a design-sensitive community. And last but not least, bring the project to life.


Making It 2017: Shaping the new talent’s future

Making-it: Careers in Art and Design” is an event for young people willing to know more about career opportunities in art and design. Devised in association with V&A’s young people’s collective CreateVoice, it helps artists and designers to shape their futures through inspiring talks and successful case studies.

Victoria and Albert Museum is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design. It houses an impressive permanent collection that spans over 5,000 years of human creativity and engages with world-class artists and designers.

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