Is it possible to bridge the interspecies communication gap_ Moggie thinks so. Studio Banana
| 31 October, 2018

Is it possible to bridge the interspecies communication gap? Moggie thinks so.

Our newest tech spinoff combines cats and the Internet of Things to help owners communicate with their companions like never before.

| 16 March, 2018

Rebranding Studio Banana to celebrate our 9th (and a half) anniversary

This new visual identity marks a turning point for the present and the future of the studio and reflects the positioning of the studio as home of design-driven transformation.

| 7 December, 2017

How we designed a visual identity for bilingual babies

British Council School needed to launch its Bilingual Baby Club: we helped to find a visual identity and a typographic universe at the height of its trailblazing educational concept.

| 4 November, 2015

Teaching teachers: HEP Vaud campaign rolls out in style

We created a brand architecture concept, an inspiring storytelling and seven thematic films for the last HEP Vaud campaign, targeted to educators.