Studio Banana team celebrates the power of togetherness

News | 13 June, 2023

Studio Banana team celebrates the power of togetherness

Last week teams from Basel, Lausanne, London and Madrid came together to celebrate a three-day retreat in Segovia, Spain an annual tradition that this year celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The magic of community

Over the course of three magical days full of workshops, retreats and diverse collective activities, a large team spanning different geographical boundaries and cultures embraced, once again, the power of togetherness.

Being part of an insightful journey

From sensory walks across the forest, to exploration by kayak and insightful exercises designed to “build or reveal the inner magic”, the team explored the key values of the Studio; experiencing the Joy & Passion of Togetherness, creating Impact through Creative Confidence, Curiosity & Open-mindedness, always with Authenticity & Integrity.

The encounter, not only fostered deep connections but also helped validate StudioBanana´s vision and distinctive identity while serving as  as a catalyst for exploring fresh perspectives and new pathways to reinforce the Studio´s key mission: reimagine how people work and learn.

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