Rebranding Studio Banana to celebrate our 9th (and a half) anniversary

Projects | 16 March, 2018

This new visual identity marks a turning point for the present and the future of the studio.

The Challenge

It may seem like a whole life. But nine (and a half) years can pass in front of your eyes in a heartbeat. Today, at Studio Banana we like to think that we are wiser, faster, stronger. Maybe a little bit older ;–) We have grown in so many ways during these years: solving increasingly strategic challenges, working in a variety of areas with top clients leaders in their industries, addressing more and more multidisciplinary projects and building up new business opportunities. And last but not least, expanding the borders of our studio, now merrily located in London, Lausanne and Madrid.

All things considered, we decided that this occasion deserved much more than a simple brand refresh. It was time for a complete and thorough rebranding. One that would reflect the positioning of the studio as home of design-driven transformation. Quite a challenge. But an exciting one.

The Outcome

It is right in front of you, speaking for itself. Our renewed visual identity is direct, timeless and adaptable. It strengthens our 5 brand values: innovation, multidisciplinarity, quality, emotion and rationality. The sober use of black and white transmits honesty and solidity. The self-evident white space suggests the multiple possibilities of a blank page and brings openness to a wide variety of business areas.

Rational Typography

Studio Banana’s values of sobriety, quality and rationality are all contained in the typography chosen for our rebranding, Suisse BP. This clear sans serif type, created by Swiss-based studio Swiss Typeface, is a transition from Helvetica, the font we used in our previous identity. Suisse BP is a less rigid and friendlier take on the tradition of Swiss typography


Emotional Symbol

Studio Banana’s unique spirit comes from the distinctive combination of rationality and emotion. We are reason, logic and brains. But also mystery, passion and imagination. This is where our symbol comes to the front, a pure abstraction of a banana that brings surprise and curiosity to the viewer. Even doubt. It strikes up conversations. Is it a parenthesis? A smile? Maybe a fruit? It would make sense… Wouldn’t it?

This deliberate ambiguity comes from the very core of our exploring and heterogeneous souls. Enigma opens the door to multiple readings and interpretations. We have grabbed a symbol as universal as a parenthesis and made it ours, infusing it with a new identity: it represents our capacity to decipher complex challenges and come up with apparently simple solutions. From now on, whenever you look at it, it will always contain a banana.


The end is here. Understood both as conclusion and purpose. Our new identity, raw, sober and direct, reveals our solid values, reflects the strength of our personality and makes a creative statement about Studio Banana’s present and future. It evokes an inspiring scenario, perfect to do what we love: craft bespoke solutions through design and let the whole world be our canvas.

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