Entrepreneurship and Disruption at Pontio Innovation Centre

Events | 28 February, 2017

We traveled to Bangor, Wales, to attend the opening of Pontio Innovation Centre, the bridge between university and enterprises that we have helped building. Cyfarchion!

Pontio: a leading arts and innovation centre in the UK

The Pontio Innovation Centre at Bangor University, North Wales, has just opened its doors and at Studio Banana we couldn’t be happier. For the past 2 years we have been working closely with their management team, in collaboration with Ludic Group. And we were lucky to meet them all at the opening event of Pontio, that included an inspiring talk by Sir John O’Reilly.

Internationally leading academic and scientist, Sir John O’Reilly is one of UK’s most eminent engineers and former Director General of Knowledge and Innovation for the UK Government. In his speech, he argued that despite “STEM” being the foundation of a modern knowledge economy engineers should also embrace the arts. For these are key to creativity and an important component of innovation, crucial to creating new products and boosting future competitiveness.


A bridge between Welsh businesses and Bangor University

Pontio is an important new gateway for businesses to access the expertise and facilities available at the University. Bangor has a long-standing track record of delivering high quality and award-winning business support focused on inspiring innovation, improving performance and promoting sustainability.

In particular Hwd, the Pontio Innovation area, will deliver a unique mixture of facilities and skills designed to encourage companies to develop new ideas and bring them to market. Its spaces and facilities, knowledgeable staff and support services will help to close the innovation gap between Welsh enterprises – from micro-business right up to larger organizations – as part of its core offering, with the central aim of creating a lasting impact on the business community.

Igniting the collaborative mindset

At Studio Banana we are super proud to have contributed to this outstanding innovation centre by making Hwd a space that equips individuals and businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the modern economy. With a focus on transdisciplinary working and rapid prototyping, the Co-Lab, Media Lab, Hackspace and Fablab areas are equipped with cutting-edge technologies. We are sure that they will contribute to boost the University’s cross-disciplinary teaching programmes and encourage collaborative work between students, staff and local businesses.

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