Studio Banana’s gig on open innovation at Launchlabs Basel

Events | 5 November, 2017

Our co-founder Key Kawamura talked about open innovation at Launchlabs, a bustling collaborative workspace at Basel.

Collaborative spaces spark creative thinking

Workplaces should be inspiring and foster connections between people. They should also embody the values of the minds that give them shape. This is the case of Launchlabs, an innovation-focused collaborative loft that has recently join the co-working community in Basel, Switzerland.

We took part in the opening celebration of the space with an uplifting talk by our co-founder Key Kawamura. He shared our views on the role of collaborative thinking and R+D decentralization in innovation strategy. In conversation with Andreas Erbe, founder of Launchlabs, Key engaged the public in a rapid joint-venture prototyping exercise which generated surprisingly fresh new business ideas.

Launchlabs, a business playground for Design Thinking

Launchlabs Basel and Launchlabs Berlin are inspiring workplaces where start-ups and freelancers, art and business meet. Through an agile and creative approach, they run innovation projects, codesigning workshops and change programmes. This way, they bring together the kind of mindsets, methodologies and tools that make a Design Thinking and Lean-Start-Up culture come alive.

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