Is it possible to bridge the interspecies communication gap? Moggie thinks so.

Projects | 31 October, 2018

Is it possible to bridge the interspecies communication gap_ Moggie thinks so. Studio Banana

Our newest tech spinoff combines cats and the Internet of Things to help owners communicate with their companions like never before.

Taking cat-human relationships to the next level

People always say the key to any successful relationship is communication. But for many of us, there’s an important family member who just refuses to engage in a dialogue. Whether they’re hiding under the bed, pushing things off of counters, or purring in our laps, cats are often our most mysterious (and fickle) companions.

At Studio Banana we want to help cats and their humans have the best relationship possible, which is why Moggie, our newest tech spinoff, is bridging the interspecies communication gap.

Whether designing OSTRICHPILLOW to help people sleep soundly and stylishly, or developing the Moggie app and collar to help owners better understand and connect with their cats, Studio Banana’s goal is always to find simple and innovative solutions that improve people’s everyday lives. After extensive beta testing (and cat cuddling) we’re excited to present this new tool we believe will help make cat ownership even better.

Is it possible to bridge the interspecies communication gap? Studio Banana

Moggie catches the clues that you can’t

The origin story:

Moggie began with our founder’s very special but often very sick cat. Because of frequent travel they often had to leave her with friends, and each time they returned she wasn’t her usual chipper self. They wanted to find a better way of monitoring her wellbeing so that all of their limited time together wasn’t spent in vet offices, but soon discovered that there weren’t any solutions on the market that helped owners understand the unique needs of their cats. Their only option? Gather a team of cat lovers who could build one themselves.

The app:

We’re committed to bettering the experiences of cats and their human companions everywhere, which is why the Moggie app makes it easy to connect with your cat from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re on vacation or in the office, you can check in on your cat at any time, giving you greater peace of mind. Get reminders for simple routines that are crucial for your cat’s health, store your cat’s medical history and veterinary information in one place, and even figure out which of the five feline personality types they fit into and how to best care for them.

The collar:

The Moggie collar is a lightweight and comfortable device designed to measure your cat’s activity and transmit it to our app in real-time. This helps you see exactly what your cat has been up to and if there’s anything out of the ordinary you might need to be concerned about (besides them tearing your curtains to shreds).

Our advanced movement detection and veterinary algorithms have been validated through research by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and we use artificial intelligence to accurately differentiate between types of behaviours. Besides detecting possible diseases and health problems, we also make it easy to share this data with your vet so they can make an informed diagnosis. As a 2018 TechCrunch Top Pick in the category of Hardware, Robotics, and IoT, we were excited to participate in this year’s Disrupt Berlin and showcase how our tech can help demystify the feline mind. And as the Best in Show Winner at the 2019 Pets & Money Summit, we were proud to be recognised as disruptors in an industry that’s filled with so much passion, talent, and cute cat pictures.

The bottom line:

It’s true, humans and cats have managed to coexist for millennia without needing to use smartphones and wearable tech. But as life gets busier, and our pets become even bigger parts of our lives, Moggie offers a simple solution that lets you better connect with and care for your companion.

Though “wellness product” might conjure up the taste of gross green juice and anything related to the “Internet of Things” might conjure up… confusion, we’re excited for Moggie to improve human and feline wellbeing and demonstrate how intuitive tech can be used to help solve the challenges of modern life.

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