Bits and Pieces of Design Inspiration #1

Inspiration | 10 January, 2018

It’s always ‘that busy month’ here at the Studio. But the fact is that when it comes to pause and look and share and think, clocks seem to stop as if by magic. Honestly, we always seem to find plenty of time for that. So here it is a neat pack of news, creative projects and other cultural artifacts that have been keeping our minds miles away from our desks lately. We hope they give you a sense of some of the issues that fueled our curiosity at our campus this month. Stay inspired!


  • We could never honor Saul and Elaine Bass’ legacy enough. Thanks for Feud opening titles!
  • So in love with graphic tiles and Porto’s new visual identity. It makes us wanna go book a plane ticket right away.
  • In Hans Rosling hands, data sings. The truth is we couldn’t live without our weekly dose of Ted Talks…
  • You may not have heard about this successful couple of type designers but you have certainly seen their work. Font Men film makes visible the work behind fonts used by everyone, from the Wall Street Journal to the President of the United States. Enjoy!
  • Information design that visualizes prying questions about how is it to work and live these days for UK and US based designers. That’s Graphic Designers Surveyed. Publishing house GraphicDesign& have hit the nail in the head. Again.
  • Glad to meet the master of alphabetic experimentation: letterer Job Wouters, aka Letman. Question: how long has it been since you used your pen… on an actual paper?
  • Delicate, movable books made by Japanese artist Katsumi Komagata are true examples of paper art for children and adults alike.
  • Paper, we will always –alwayslove you.

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