Creativity and disruption conference at Casa Camper

Events | 7 December, 2017

Álex Barona and Ali Ganjavian shared Studio Banana’s views on how to take advantage of collaborative work and the power of imagination to design a gadget.

Inside the creative process: designing a gadget

How do we address the different stages of any creative process? What is the role of imagination and collaboration in industrial design? When it’s the right moment to move from paper to reality? Questions always keep coming up when dealing with creativity and invention. And we love questions. Maybe that’s why we are fixated on exploring solutions that can be transformed into answers.

All these issues nurtured the talk on creativity in industrial design processes held at Casa Camper Barcelona this last January. Invited by Camper creative director Ramón Úbeda, Studio Banana partners Álex Barona and Ali Ganjavian had a great time discussing how we use collaborative work here at the studio as well as the power of imagination to provide apparently simple answers to complex problems.

The talk was a stimulating journey based on pure experience. We made use of our own work – Batband and OSTRICHPILLOW Original – as a way of illustrating the scaleless and timeless principles that guide our creative ethos.


Club Casa Camper: unconventional meetings

Casa Camper Barcelona is the boutique hotel created by world-famous footwear brand Camper, located in the multicultural heart of the city in the Raval area, home of MACBA, CCCB and many concept stores and art galleries. The building, a typical 19th-century gothic tenement, was restored by architect Jordi Tió and perfected by Ferran Amat of Vinçon.

The hotel hosts Club Casa Camper, an event space for unconventional encounters where artists meet up and share their creative thoughts.

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