The Challenge

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has been a leader in the development of telecommunications for over 150 years. Despite the far-reaching importance  of this United Nations agency, they struggled  to demonstrate their role to the international community. With their 150th anniversary approaching, they came to Studio Banana looking for a way to draw attention to their  accomplishments.

We had to highlight the relevance of this agency in an increasingly connected world and showcase their long history of achievements while also demonstrating the remarkable potential of this agency moving forward.

The Outcome

To mark the occasion, we envisioned an engaging, fluid piece of storytelling that would leave viewers with a new idea of the agency’s purpose and potential. We distilled the essence of this UN agency, filtering it through lenses of the past, present and future to create a piece which informs and ignites the interest of the audience.


Poring through the United Nations archives

Our work began with a journey through the ITU’s past. We quickly discovered that the organisation has a fascinating story to tell. Through extensive research in the archives of the UN, we sought out the most important feats in the history of the ITU. We meticulously analysed all the information, even consulting with historians to obtain a holistic view of the agency’s past.

Ideation & Design

150 years young

We aimed to convey that the history of the organisation is the solid foundation for its relevance today as a mediator and broker of agreements that impact the world.

An essential aspect of this strategy was to address the enormous potential of this agency in the future of telecommunications. We presented the ITU as an innovative, pioneering, and forward-looking agency using concrete examples that affect day-to-day life.


The centerpiece of a forward-looking campaign

The finished project was showcased at the 150th anniversary conference, in the presence of public and private sector leaders from all over the world. The video was a focal point of ITU’s continuing international publicity effort, integral to the reshaping of their image. Our project successfully shone a spotlight on the accomplishments of this agency in a time of increasingly complex changes in the communications industry. With our brief video, we showed that the ITU has always been present, and only stands to become a more significant player in the world of international telecommunications in the future.

Want to know more?

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