The Challenge

El País, the leading global media outlet in Spanish language, needed to launch an online TV channel to strengthen its position in the digital media ecosystem. Our friends at branding studio Erretres led this demanding project as a whole and partnered with us to develop the on-screen animations based on a solid yet versatile graphic identity.

The Outcome

Studio Banana’s design team put a dynamic off-air identity to work and gave life to a comprehensive audiovisual system built on a skilful set of graphic resources tailored for online media. We applied our expertise with television formats to a digital interconnected ecosystem of multiple screens, viewers and messages. Our collaboration was an essential support that helped to set El País Video in motion.

Discovery & Implementation

The historic print media giant becomes an online video player

El País, a true beacon in the history of Spanish media during the last 40 years, resolved to make a brave move in a wavering land. In order to reinforce their prominent position in the new media context, they decided to launch an online TV platform in a market of profound changes for consumers and broadcasters.

A core part of the PRISA media group, that gathers a tremendous amount of experience in print media and television, El País were in need of a professional partner to get a foothold in the market of online audiovisual experiences. Studio Banana collaborated with Erretres and our expertise and know-how contributed to the conception of El País Vídeo, a unique hybrid of information, original content and audiovisual experiences.

A new identity in motion

The starting point was an elegant, modern and sophisticated identity. A platform open to the viewer, a window open to the world. The new brand was solid and the animation possibilities were extraordinary. We gave expression to the original design and exploited its full potential as a moving image, enhancing its fluidity and dynamism. The emblematic blue line, a distinguishing feature forever attached to El País imaginary, was reformulated as a recurring navigational element devised for audiovisual content. It marks the entry and exit transitions of captions, graphics and colour.

The new motion identity also comprises the main logo, a flexible set of IDs and animated graphics with various iterations. A myriad of items that confer on the brand a multiple range of animated resources to fit any kind of information. This system holds together national and international stories, live news, lifestyle features, technology reports, opinion pieces… Always respecting the soul and personality of an epoch-making media group.

Live idents

The main protagonist of the new brand is of course the letter E, a true icon contained in the iconic newspaper header. Here, it is framed within a circle, a participatory window open to the world, meant to see and to be seen. The audio plays an essential part in the experience too. Created by Oman Ternani, it adds consistency and a fundamental layer of sound to the motion identity.

This open window is also a kaleidoscope of sorts that reflects an immense variety of informational inputs and outputs, of messages sent and received. The main ID works as a flexible system that can appear on colour backgrounds and also over the raw video image. The two circles, formed in a variety of ways, are applied to meet the needs of the moving image on the Internet.

Animation Brand Ecosystem

An online video platform engenders new experiences and raises quite unique challenges in terms of design. Motion graphics shouldn’t be treated as mere TV continuities. The context, radically different, has its own idiosyncrasy. And its own speed. It moves faster than ever. From wherever. It deals with all kinds of data.

All things considered, our goal was to provide the best communication environment for the final user. Also, to support editors and journalists by giving them an agile set of tools and resources that allows them to create their video pieces nimbly and autonomously in a wide variety of complexity levels.


El País new online video platform positions the newspaper in the ever-changing digital realm with strength and durability. Its motion design, completely aligned with the mother identity, is flexible, adjustable and consistent. It works on every screen, creating an all-encompassing experience that perfectly fits the historical purpose of a global media player.


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