The Challenge

We were asked to design a video that captures Acciona’s vibrant corporate spirit.

Acciona is a group of international corporations dedicated to renewable energy and infrastructure development. They needed a storytelling experience that would stress the milestones they have reached across the varying fields in which they operate – all in a clear presentation of the company as a whole.

This was going to a huge technical, creative and aesthetic challenge that we faced in collaboration with McCann.

The Outcome

We designed a premium, multi-platform audiovisual piece aimed at shareholders. The project successfully transmitted the idea that Acciona represents innovation, sustainability, progress and diversity.


The vision of a global sustainability leader

Acciona is an international corporation leading the way in the promotion of infrastructure development and management (construction, industrial, water, services) as well as renewable energy. Their forward-looking vision is laid out in their Sustainability Master Plan 2015, which focused on innovation, environment, transparency, and unity.

Ideation & Design

Expanding the mind: visualising the neural network

We were set out to express the strong connections between the minds, people and achievements that have made Acciona the company it is today.

To represent these values, we came up with a massive neural network that would serve as a visual metaphor for building a better future, organic growth and unity. This would become the driving message of the narrative.


Technical complexity solved with simple aesthetics

With the neural network as our inspiration, we created a familiar yet attractive visual aesthetic that speaks to the audience. We wanted to express these ideas in a clean, modern audiovisual narrative. Using state of the art computer graphics imagery (CGI), we added a fluid 3D dynamic to the piece that was at once elaborate and elegantly simple.

The concept of organic growth from a single neuron illustrates the work of Acciona’s network of talented individuals and the impact of their clear, forward-thinking vision.

Want to know more?

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