Our Process

Every creative challenge is a unique story.

That’s why we have developed our own project methodology that allows us to customise each creative journey and deliver memorable experiences to our clients.

At the core of our approach is gaining a deep contextual understanding and building a collaborative trust with our project partners to co-create a bespoke and impactful strategy.

Thanks to this ethos and our process we can confidently explore radical, yet totally relevant, ideas.

Our Design Journey

1. Discovery

Defining purpose, strategy, user profiles, and scenarios.

Analysis, research, vision setting, key drivers, success metrics.

2. Concept Design

Creating a core idea in line with the strategic goals.

Co-design, scenarios, simulation, visualisation, iteration.

3. Design Development

Refining the content, tools and models that bring the concept to life.

Detailing, compliance, sampling, prototyping and testing.

4. Execution

Implementing and turning the idea into a reality.

Supervision, quality control, tendering, production, coaching.

5. Delivery & Follow up

Handover, activation and aftercare of the project.

Roll out, activation, training, impact assessment, reinforcement.