How we designed a visual identity for bilingual babies

Projects | 7 December, 2017

The British Council School needed to launch a Bilingual Baby Club and we contributed defining a visual identity and a typographic universe at the height of its trailblazing educational concept.

The Challenge

How to integrate a groundbreaking learning program into the branding of a 75-years-old institution? This was the first question we had to face since the very beginning. And one that kept coming up. The challenge was to design the Bilingual Baby Club’s visual identity according to its innovative values, as long as a perfect match with British Council’s brand identity was also guaranteed.

On one side, we had the British Council School, a globally renowned educational institution with more than 80 years of history. On the other, a trailblazing concept: a bilingual program for families with babies and toddlers aged between 14 and 36 months. It wasn’t easy. But it was fun.


The Outcome

The intersection of the British Council’s values – Resilience, Loyalty, Caring, Challenge and Flexibility – and Bilingual Baby Club’s aim seemed complex to begin with. But it brought us to a simple and flexible solution: a typographical universe formed by basic colorful pieces. Simple, flexible and somehow universal. They are inspired in the toys made of circles, squares, triangles and holes that babies love to play with.

This bespoke visual system not only reinforces the idea of infancy avoiding trite graphic resources and providing a patina of timeless modernness. It also allows the construction of a complete system of forms, icons and illustrations with total coherence and consistency.

Once we designed BBC’s logo, we created a whole range of educational materials, from brochures and merchandising, to an animated video to explain straightforwardly the program on digital platforms.

BBC: the Club for Bilingual Babies of British Council

The Bilingual Baby Club is a learning program launched in 2016 to create opportunities for parents and carers of children from 14 to 36 months of age. Their carefully designed space hosts various stimulating and fun activities in English for parents to enjoy with their children under the guidance of a specialized teaching staff.

As long as babies and toddlers develop their language skills, adults become more confident at leading their child’s learning through play, and witness the first steps in their child’s social and communicative development.

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